Village On Bantam Lake, LLC   

A mixed-use lakeside village on Bantam Lake...   

The Boat Houses as viewed from Bantam Lake are shown below.  The Boat Houses will be rebuilt on their current foot print.  The northerly boat house has a first floor of approximately 19' by 23'.  Water comes up under the Northerly boat house so a boat can dock below.  The southerly boat house has a first floor of approximately 19' by 32' as well as a basement. 

The Boat Houses are in the Lake Commercial zone. The Boat Houses may be used for commercial purposes.  They have a history of commercial activity as antiques were sold out of the Boat Houses.  Initially, they will be rented to a business that desires an idyllic setting to conduct its business.  Ultimately, the Boat House will be incorporated into the hotel/condimium complex and used for meetings or conferences.

The southerly boat house will also be used to operate a Private Marina.  Residents of the Over 55/Active Adult condominiums or the Hotel/Condominium units will enjoy lake access through the Private Marina.  

The Boat Houses as viewed from Route 209 and the 22 acre property are shown below.