Village On Bantam Lake, LLC   

A mixed-use lakeside village on Bantam Lake...   

The Town of Morris 10 Year Plan of Development and Conservation was recently published by the Town.  The project being planned by Village on Bantam Lake, LLC will contribute to the achievement of each of the Town's goals as described in the excerpt below.

The initial phase (Senior Apartments) will provide housing for the elderly, something the Town and neighboring communities desparately need.  Once this building is completed and rented to seniors, Village on Bantam Lake, LLC plans on creating additional housing opportunities on the 22 acre property.

Village on Bantam Lake, LLC creates economic development alternatives for the Town away from its Town Center.  These economic development opportunities will be created in a thoughtful manner, designed to protect water and natural resources, especially Bantam Lake.   The property is already served by public sewers.  Route 209 is the ideal place for commercial activity as the Town has clearly expressed the desire to maintain the Town Center in its traditional and historic state.

The development planned by Village on Bantam Lake, LLC will create jobs, tax base and an opportunity for residents to live in a community where there are job opportunitites within walking distance.  That community is the mixed-use lakeside village planned along Route 209 on the West Shore of Bantam Lake.