Village On Bantam Lake, LLC   

A mixed-use lakeside village on Bantam Lake...   

Bantam Lake has been a travel destination for families from Connecticut, New York and other surrounding states.  Families have passed down lakeside property through the generations so loved ones could continue to enjoy the tranquility, scenery and recreational activities that Bantam Lake has to offer.

Pictures below left show scenes on the lake including hot air balloons landing on the lake, Beverly's Marina, Dempsey's Boat Launch, ice fishing and ice sailing, the Jubilee paddle wheel boat and a rainbow over the lake.

Pictures below right show a fifth generation Bantam Lake family through their childhood years.  This family's first generation on the lake started with a lease from White Memorial Foundation and a tent on that site.  The family built a two room cottage on the site and passed it down several generations.  The family tore down the cottage and built an A-Frame log cabin on the original cottage's footprint.  The property will likely stay in the family for years to come.  This is typical for many of the properties on Bantam Lake.