Village On Bantam Lake, LLC   

A mixed-use lakeside village on Bantam Lake...   

A traditional New England-style Commercial Building will be a two and a half story structure along Route 209 directly across from the Boat Houses.  This building will be the centerpiece to the lakeside village.  The first floor may include an internet cafe, salon, antique shops and other retail shops.  It may also include professional office space desirable to medical professionals that would like to focus their practice on the aging population in the community.   The second floor will comprise hotel condominium units overlooking Bantam Lake.  Condo unit owners will enjoy a wonderful social setting and beautiful lake views. The third floor will house a restaurant with deck seating overlooking the lake.  There will be covered parking in the rear of the first level with additional parking behind the building with access to the top floors.

The retail units in the Commercial Building may be sold on a business condo basis.  This will give the business entrepreneur an opportunity to earn equity in the property rather than simply making rent payments to the property owner.   The commercial building also provides an opportunity for a small business owner interested in living above their retail business.  Small Business Adminstration financing is available for entrepreneurs with such motivation.