Village On Bantam Lake, LLC   

A mixed-use lakeside village on Bantam Lake...   

The following White Memorial Foundation Guide Map depicts in green the property around Bantam Lake that is owned by White Memorial Foundation.  Over 60% of the land around Bantam Lake is owned by this not-for-profit organization.  About 30% of the lake front around Bantam Lake is zoned residential and the remaining 10% is in the lake commercial zone.  Village on Bantam Lake, LLC's 22 acre parcel is a major portion of the lake commercial zone.  There are no other large properties with lake views and water rights in the lake commercial zone.
The arrows on the following map direct you to Bantam Lake located in Litchfield and Morris, Connecticut.
The arrows on the following map direct you to Bantam Lake surrounded by the tourism loop of highway (Routes 202, 63, 109 and 209).   The property is located in close proximity to Interstate 84 and Route 8.   Easy access to the property from New York and Fairfield County via Routes 7 and 202.

The T-2 survey (topigraphical map) shown below depicts the 22 acre property consisting of three separate parcels; a 22 acre parcel with 211 feet of frontage on Route 209, a .110 acre waterfront property that includes the boat house structures, and a narrow lot of approximately .35 acre with frontage on Route 209 across from Palmer Road.  The main parcel rises from the 910 foot above sea level street level to about 1,000 foot above sea level atop the hillside, where the property becomes a very gentle sloping plateau overlooking Bantam Lake.

The Wetlands Map shown below was excerpted from the Town of Morris Natural Resources that was recently published.  The hatched areas on this map signifies wetland areas.  Note that this map shows no wetlands where the 22 acres in located (see area highlighted in yellow); however, a soil scientist must walk the site to validate the accuracy of this map.  
The map shown below left shows the property's close proximity to the vast land preserves of White Memorial Foundation.  The map also shows how densely populated Deer Island has become over the years as Connecticut residents continue to flock to scarce waterfront lots throughout the State.

The map shown below right shows the property zoned "LCD" or Lake Commercial Destrict.  There is very little real estate around Bantam Lake that enjoys this generous commercial designation.